What Happened to Actor Burr DeBenning?

Have you ever wondered what happened to actor Burr DeBenning? If you are a morbid kind of person, you can go to the website Living or Dead and see for yourself. It lists the deaths and birthdays of famous people and celebrities, including Burr DeBenning. Here’s an interesting fact: Burr DeBenning died in 2003. He was 66 years old. Sadly, he died after a lengthy illness.

American film and television actor, Burr DeBenning was born September 21, 1936, in Seminole, Oklahoma. He competed in speech contests in his teens and wanted to enter the film industry on his own. His dream was to direct his own films, and he’s always looking for stories that focus on Oklahoma and the people of the region. While at college, he studied drama and earned a master’s degree in this field.

Before entering the world of acting, Burr DeBenning was a business major at Oklahoma State University. But he developed an interest in acting in his final year of college. He worked for a stock company and later moved to New York City. He used his G.I. Bill to further his dramatic training. He then appeared in several Broadway plays as a lead. But after his death, his career faded.

The tragic news for Burr DeBenning’s fans is heartbreaking. The 67-year-old actor had worked in several movies and was very popular in Hollywood. Despite his popularity, he was financially dependent on friends and family for support. The tragedy was devastating and left him partially paralyzed. What happened to Burr DeBenning? The answer to this question is not as simple as a million dollars.

As a character actor, Burr DeBenning had a long and colorful career, including roles in The House on Greenapple Road, The Desire Kid, and Turner Hooch. He also starred in Seek Out Tomorrow 1951. As a Virgo, he was born in San Luis Obispo, California and passed away on May 26. Sadly, his death came too soon. We can only speculate as to what happened to actor Burr DeBenning.

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What Happened to Actor Burr DeBenning?
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