The Letter D

The letter D is slang for dick or sex. The censors have made dick and dicks unsuitable for the workplace, so hip-hop lyrics have popularized D as a sex-oriented alternative. Men use D to boast that a woman is after their member. Women have sexual desire too. But when the two aren’t in bed together, D can be used for a number of other purposes.

As an alternative to “D”, the capital D is sometimes used in foreign languages, including Chinese and Vietnamese. The capital D is also used in Hong Kong and Singapore in ASCII encodings. In British Sign Language, the letter D is represented by placing the tip of the right thumb and finger on the left-hand extended index. A capital D also appears on the boundary stone of Austria and Germany. This symbol is more widely used than the letter E.

Another form of the word d is “dyke.” This is a derogatory term for a gay or bisexual person who is heterosexual. The word is sometimes used to describe a male lesbian. The word is said to have originated from the 1921 word bulldyke, which means lesbian. The GLAAD recommends that people use the words gay or lesbian to refer to individuals attracted to the same sex.

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