The X18 Bus is Now Available For Two Weeks in January

The X18 bus service is now available for two weeks in January, offering free travel to commuters in South Gloucestershire. The service will be running for two weeks, from Monday 26 January to Friday 6 February. The aim is to increase the use of this bus service, which has seen passenger numbers jump by 39 per cent in the past year. The free travel is an attempt to encourage people to use it. It is also a way to encourage the local community to get on board with the bus service.

The X18 bus will now run between Kingswood and Aztec West, and will travel along the A4174 ring road to reach the areas of the area that are most heavily populated. Other stops on the route will include Emersons Green Science Park, UWE’s Frenchay Campus, the MOD Abbey Wood site, Filton Abbey Wood Railway Station, and a number of businesses along the A38 between Kingswood and Aztec West.

From Alnmouth, the X18 bus will take you to Newcastle and the Northumberland Coast Path. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more relaxing way to travel to the coast, you can take the Arriva X18 bus. The service also runs from the village of Alnmouth to the station. However, this bus service is only available in the evening on weekdays and all day on Sundays.

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The X18 Bus is Now Available For Two Weeks in January
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