Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs. Edge SB-1 : COMPLETE REVIEW

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs Edge SB-1 : COMPLETE REVIEW photo 0

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Diamond has a very good track record of making reputable, and simple readjusting bows. The most effective part concerning diamond archery is that it target archers and hunters of all skill levels, despite they are newbie or sophisticated archers. When I asked from my seekers area regarding these 2 bows, many hunters was in favor of Sb-1, Yet I still wanted to know why?

After confusing concerning both of them, I determined to acquire them both and examine them in hunting area, with bow angling as well as interior target capturing. With high adjustability, Both of these bows are functional and resilient, that makes them perfect for little archers. Diamond make the most effective youngster’s compound bows around


When unlimited Side was introduced on the market, the collection relocated a huge jump ahead. The bows made by diamond archery remain in mid to low cost variety. You can discover diamond archery bows as reduced as $229 and as high as $749, which still is thousand of bucks less than the first-rate bows by Bowtech. Ruby bows are easily readily available at any kind of regional outside shop as they offers a checklist of 26 versions. They provided single-cam initially yet later on they expanded their webcam system when they combined with the bowtech.

Diamond bows are highly long lasting ever since its made. They are among the TOP rivals in business of bows specifically substances as a result of their extreme longevity, I found really few seekers grumbling about the resilience of cameras and strings which after that was resolved by their customer care immediately..

Infinite Side Pro Vs. Edge SB-1: Functions/ Specifications.

I have contrasted all features as well as specs of both bows so you can conveniently pick your required one.

Features/SpecsInfinite Edge ProInfinite Side SB-1.
Weight (pounds) 3.23.6.
Draw Weight Range (lbs) 5– 707– 70.
Attract Length (minutes– max) 13 ″– 31 ″ 15 ″– 30 ″.
ATA Length (Inches) 31 ″ 31 ″.
Brace Height (Inches) 7 ″ 7 ″.
Rate (FPS) 310Upto 318.
Let-Off80% 80%.
WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty.
HandednessBoth RH & LHBoth RH & LH.
StringBCY Bow StringBCY Bow String.
SkinsMossy Oak, Pink blaze, Black OpsMossy Oak, Electric Blue, Purple Blaze.

Infinite Edge Pro.
$ 341.00.

Infinite Side SB-1.
$ 369.00.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

Diamond limitless side pro is a wonderful option as well as an excellent bow for target shooters as well as bow seekers. I discovered it to be the most effective alternative for recurve shooters switching to substances.

I could boost its draw weight up to 70 extra pounds which is heavy sufficient for searching any large game. With 310 FPS, it can provide arrows promptly and efficiently. It had a really smooth draw cycle with the effective cam system as well as it even got to 80% let-off at peak draw. With the 5-inch octane stabilizer, its stability is additionally enhanced as I noticed it dampens the vibrations of the bowstring after the shot.

For taking full advantage of accuracy, the camshaft of this bow is boosted by 3-pin expanse sight so you can precisely aim in the direction of the target. Enabling all these features, this lightweight bow is only 3.2 pounds.

The accessories which comes with it are top quality particularly the bow view and stabilizer are strong as well as trusted besides the rest which I thought to change. Or else, it’s a solid option and also an excellent choice if you are an intermediate and even a newbie.

Consisted of in this bow set:.
Unlimited side bow.
Captive XL arrow rest.
3-pin expanse sight.
Tube peep sight.
BCY string loophole.
Deadlock lite octane quiver.
Comfort wrist sling.
5″ ultralight octane stabilizer.

Style & Build.

Ruby is a well well-known brand for making long lasting bows from many years. This record-breaker design is durable and dependable with a first-class total build. I found it really light-weight and was actually pleased to see the aluminum elements adding much more sturdiness to this bow. It includes a top notch handmade string by octane.

This bow is available for both RH as well as LH; I got the RH and found that this bow can have considerable use as you can change its draw size between 5 and 70 lbs. With superior performance, this bow was able to supply a high velocity of 310 FPS. Its draw size varies between 13 as well as 31 inches. I felt this acquiesce be rather flexible as it’s let go might go to as high as 80%. I ordered the black ops design from Amazon.com yet you have the alternative of ordering amongst pink blaze as well as camouflage mossy oak infinity pattern as well.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs Edge SB-1 : COMPLETE REVIEW photo 1


This bow includes a strong riser as well as is machined out of a strong item of light weight aluminum. The riser appears rather small. The skeletonized design of this bow together with its framework makes it lightweight and that I assume is great option for youngsters. You have got an alternative of 3 coatings for the riser, pink camouflage, strong black, as well as mossy oak camo.

Arm or legs.

Among the significant marketing factors for this bow is its limbs. The arm or legs on diamond infinite side pro are very versatile and made of strong building and construction. Though lots of compounds today provide a wide variety of draw weights with their limb screws, this bow took it to the whole following degree.


The hold of this riser though practical isn’t the superior quality. It seems a little square however fit to shoot for me as I am not easily sidetracked due to my interest in the bow (though many people evaluate it as uncomfortable). Its layout enabled me to fit both turn over it. If you discover its hold uncomfortable, you can select a custom hold from torqueless customized holds which may provide you a much better sensation while holding and also firing it.

Rate (FPS).

I have observed that lots of bows on the market today have a little array as well as normally a dealt with draw length with 10 or 15 lbs of draw weight changes. Right here ruby does an excellent work as it transfers a part of the unneeded rate into wide range adjustments while maintaining a wonderful draw cycle.

At its peak pull, nearly third of the means of the draw, I observed that its large let-off as well as the limb activated back wall offered an easy as well as stable hold while providing regular shots on board. This bow is very easy for practicing at extended periods, either that be beginners, teenage archers or maturing archery lovers.

This substance can get to a good IBO rate of 310 FPS. This speed is quickly sufficient for me as I do not like to extra strain my substance neither do I like to select lighter arrowheads for enhancing my speed. I utilized the suggested weight for the arrow of this model i.e. 5 grains per extra pound of its draw weight. You can even use a little bit less than this suggested weight for arrows.

Bear in mind not to overdo it! Choosing arrows that are also light would run the risk of damage and also have the same impact as completely dry shooting it..

I additionally wished to try the infinity settings on infinite edge pro so I put the string on the blog post while the webcam got on limitless settings. It resulted in a quicker model with almost no let-off which I really felt was a little bit harder to fire. You can also boost the rate by enhancing the draw size but in my opinion, it’s not an excellent option as the draw length should fit you.

Unusual System.

With the brand-new and improved double cam systems, Diamond unlimited side professional provides numerous amazing features that an archer would certainly appreciate. The machined light weight aluminum cams are made to make it possible for both fire capacity and also adjustability. With a smooth draw cycle to 80% allowed -ff, it includes rotating draw length adjustment components with a solid back wall. For reducing its weight, big intermediaries are made use of which allow a higher rotation speed..

Below in this bow, I discovered that diamond has added an additional inch to its draw length changes. So by adjusting the components on the cams, I might change the draw length from 13″ to 31″. With adding an added inch, many more people have the ability to enjoy this bow. Its adjustable draw length is impressive, specifically for expanding archers. It’s a bow that can be used by the primary school pupil and can shoot it till their secondary school college graduation and beyond.

Versatile and also Compact! How around Power?

This ready to search bow can take down any type of game a hunter can think about yet the secret below is the best settings. With 70 pounds draw weight; I saw that this bow can blow up arrows with a rate of 310 FPS at a brace elevation of 7″. Utilizing 400-grain arrows, my bow had a kinetic energy of 65 ft-lbs which is the greater end limit recommended for searching large game.

Remember you might lose a few ft-pounds of kinetic energy depending upon the distance where you are shooting. Another idea I would love to offer you is to utilize arrows considering at the very least 5 grains per pound of your draw weight like I was shooting with a draw weight of 70 lbs and also I made use of 350-grain arrowheads.

Noise and Vibrations.

What I was looking for a fatal quiet bow with good capturing capability. The ultra-light stabilizer on this version quits the vibrations of the strings successfully so I really did not have to bother with the sound. It essentially uses the parallel arm or leg design which lowers the sound and vibrations. I located that the stabilizer on this bow works so well that I really did not require to invest in silencers.

Level of Adjustability.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs Edge SB-1 : COMPLETE REVIEW photo 2

Once again ruby supplied it growing in addition to seasoned shooters with a very adaptable, flexible and flexible bow. People typically note it as ladies or children bow though the degree of adjustability. But I assume its appropriate for any archer of any kind of age.

I assume the most effective thing about this bow is that as your strengths as well as method enhances, you can adjust this bow appropriately which certainly saves you from buying a new bow every couple of years. It has the tendency to grow along with you.

Making Modification.

Featuring the revolving components, this bow provides three ranges of settings. Each of these varieties, A, B, and C allow their very own collection of draw weights and attract sizes. A is for optimal performance of the bow while C reduces the setups to the minimum.

When this bow got here from the manufacturing facility, it came pre-programmed on the range A at a draw length of 26″ however you can easily alter it as much as 31″ as well as to 17″. For less than 17 inches draw length you should change your component to B or C.

You will need a hex wrench for changing the draw length. To do so you need to put it on the ideal variety as well as module number. I increased the draw size will normally half-inch increments as well as lined up the indexing mark of web cam with the reduced varieties of a component by revolving the module.

If you wish to reduce the draw size, you ought to turn the module and align the indexing mark of the camera with the top numbers on the module. I did these adjustments at a pro shop. You can make these adjustments with the assistance of a bow press too.

For establishing the draw weight, I loosened up the arm or leg screws with a hex wrench too. Remember you have to adjust the leading and bottom arm or leg screws just as. For making adjustments easier the arm or leg bolts on Diamond infinite edge pro are noted with increments. I observed each mark offers roughly 8.6 % of the top weight of this bow.

Is It Suitable for Hunting?

As kinetic energy plays a significant role in hunting, so low setup of this bow may not get the job done for you however yes! At high setups, ruby infinite side pro is best to search with, as it can supply more power for piercing your target.

You can search little to medium-sized animals and also huge games if you establish the limitless edge pro at 60 pounds with arrowheads of 425 grains. I utilized this setup as it has a higher impact. You must remember that as we lower the setups, its kinetic energy drops as necessary.

Many seekers use the setups of 70 lbs with a draw length of 30″ as well as 350-grain arrowheads which leads to kinetic energy of 74.7 and also 310 FPS which can get down the most difficult video game with no trouble. Do not neglect to inspect the lawful demands of your state regarding draw weight prior to venturing out in the field.

Can you bow fish with it?

Yes I have actually utilized this bow a couple of times in bow fishing as well as it never I used this substance bow with infinity setups for bow fishing which resulted in zero released.

So the majority of its top holding weight was maintained through the entire draw cycle, which is needed for bow fishing to be able to shoot rapidly. If you intend to go bow angling with infinity side pro, you must obtain a bow angling reel as it’s not included in the bundle. I advise right here to make use of heavier arrows for bow angling so it can permeate water better.


For me putting together all the tools for getting going is a significant discomfort. Remarkably I found that diamond boundless side pro functions wonderful accessories that vary from average to superb. It was packed with.

3-pin sight on the riser though it really did not appear the most effective view to me and was a little bit difficult to tune. Its pins were rather brilliant but of low quality plastic. It does the job and it’s good for use in the beginning yet I personally would alter to change it as soon as you acquired some experience.
Tube peep view I personally like a tube peep sight on the string as it aids the peep to turn properly as well as obtain straightened with my eye. Much more experienced archers like a tubeless peep view as they want to have much less weight on their bow.
Octane hostage XL arrowhead rest it’s a good, accurate as well as reliable arrow remainder. I tuned it appropriate to conquer the wear out of the brushes as I felt they have the tendency for it.
BCY string loop is of good quality.
Comfort wrist sling it was rather comfortable as well as simple to readjust on the wrist.
Octane ultra-light stabilizer the stabilizer was fairly efficient in getting rid of sound as well as resonance. It’s perfect for hunting due to its small size as a much longer one is perfect for target shooting.
Octane deadlock lite shudder the solid quiver was really light and held the arrowheads firmly.

This was whatever I needed to begin with except the arrows. All the devices benefits the rate. As I stated prior to you might require a far better view ultimately however, for a starter, it’s a respectable one.


Flexible as well as Versatile.
Comes with Great Add-on.
Less costly than Sb-1.
Lifetime Guarantee.
Newbie Friendly.

Typical FPS.
Requirements tuning.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs Edge SB-1 : COMPLETE REVIEW photo 3

This spurring advancement in the archery sector is a terrific selection for both beginner and seasoned ones. Diamond limitless side pro is among the most effective marketing bow by diamond.

Its propensity to expand with the archers together with the magnificent specifications and also good accessories. It’s a multipurpose bow utilized by archers and hunters of any type of ability level offering diverse features.

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1.

The diamond edge SB-1 is the most functional bow readily available out there. It ensures the hunters as well as archers with high modification together with making sure a very easy as well as smooth shooting experience. I obtained all the adjustability I needed with this bow. This portable bow is excellent for both hunting along with target capturing as it’s the most flexible bow with an ATA length of 31 ″..

Ruby Side SB-1 is no question a next degree bow as diamond created an entire internet site that focuses on it to aid the proprietor with its attributes, setup, changes, adjusting, and also upkeep. This bow is crafted for anyone no matter what dimension, age or ability degree you are. With the EZ change pocket system, this bow features an arm or leg modification of 7-70 pounds whereas a draw length change of 15-30 inches.

Various other notable functions of this bow include diamond archery wrist sling, octane ultra-light stabilizer, octane hostage max, and also a predicament quiver. Several archers identify it as the best-proven bow with a great deal of adjustability choices, very easy setup, and outstanding precision.

Using an integrated binary webcam system along with its better IBO rate as well as smooth draw cycle has made this bow a legitimate competitor in the world of substance bows today. As this bow comes along a non-transferable lifetime guarantee, it’s ideal for growing archers as it does for years and years to find. It’s the safest alternative and also the best searching bow of all times.

Included in this bow set:.
Octane deadlock quiver.
R.A.K custom-made sight.
BCY string loop.
Octane captive max remainder.
Carbon peep.
Convenience wrist sling.
5″ ultralight octane stabilizer.
Video clip.

Style & Build.

Because of the countless larger intermediaries, this light-weight bow is also best for young people. The machined light weight aluminum riser on it is strong and also durable. The riser is readily available in 4 coatings, mossy oak breaks up the nation, purple blaze, blue blaze, as well as black ops.

It features a superior size to strength ratio. The Side SB-1 includes solid carbon composite product arm or legs which are phenomenal as they are rock solid and very durable.


Though the riser of this bow doesn’t have any kind of exceptional functions but it’s solid and also is machined from a solid aluminum item. With an exceptional dimension to toughness proportion, the intermediaries of its riser are vast while creating an excellent quantity of dead space in it.

This dead room has minimized the weight of the bow. A lot of hunters and shooters including me favor lightweight bows especially the ones that lack a good deal of toughness.


The rock-solid limbs on this bow are made to last for years. They are made from strong carbon composite product. Being extremely reputable, they have fewer preload angles so also at optimal draw weight side SB-1 does not reach the state of complete parallel limbs while drawing.

I observed that with reduced draw weight, the vibrations taking a trip from the arm or legs in contrary direction are terminated so it’s forgiving sufficient for yard shooters just.


SB-1 has a slim grip that fits easily in hand which permitted me for repeatable shots. A grasp that urges repeatability is crucial here as your precision might experience if you don’t grab the bow similarly each shot.

Rate (FPS).

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs Edge SB-1 : COMPLETE REVIEW photo 4

Throughout my entire archery life, I have observed that compound bows normally concentrate on maximum speed outcome and offer a small draw size change with an almost 10 pounds draw weight modification.

The Side SB-1, on the contrary, is particularly made to focus on draw size and draw weight changes on a much larger range though its rate is somewhat limited. The webcams form add to the pleasant draw cycle of all draw weights, so it peaks in the beginning of the draw cycle while it hands over conveniently and happily.

The Side SB-1 I observed is really smooth and exact in addition to being flexible as well as flexible. The weight is built gradually and continually till it reaches the let off. Good collections for accuracy are achieved. You may feel mild vibrations but there is nothing to worry about.

Binary Web Cam System.

SB-1 includes the popular binary cam system, which is the top-selling factor of this bow. Bowtech has invented the binary cam system as well as possesses the right to the patent. This system slaves one cam to the various other for getting rid of the timing and also integrating issues.

So the need for tuning on this bow is decreased so you attain ideal shots each time along with being smooth as well as silent. A new shooter specifically will discover it much appealing. The layout of these binary web cams makes it simpler to draw so you can easily shoot lots of arrows at a time.

EZ Readjust System.

The EZ adjust pocket system is a new technology that works faultlessly. With the EZ change system; you can conveniently readjust the weight according to your need within mins.

To crank up the poundage, all you require is 1/4 Allen wrench to screw it up as well as vice versa. Each mark right here stands for almost 6.5% of the optimal weight of the bow. for aligning the string quit with the string you need to readjust it by using 5/32 Allen wrench.

Functional and also Compact! Just how around Power?

Being ultra-versatile, this bow is much compact and weights just. It can fire compelling arrows as much as 320 FPS. The synchronized binary web cam system on this bow together with its 80 % let-off incorporate’s big power and also consistent accuracy which I noticed various other camera styles just can’t offer. The draw weight indication on this bow enables easy aesthetic confirmation.

Every IBO score is assumed with a setup at 30″ attract length, 70 lbs attract weight and also arrowheads of 350 grain. With lower settings and also much heavier arrowheads, you will certainly constantly have a lower FPS.

Shooting speed will not matter from a young archer’s perspective as they focus extra on correct type and also accuracy and also FPS doesn’t matter a lot for them. But once the kids outgrow they are a lot more interested in rates, as FPS is solid with higher bow settings.

Noise and Vibrations.

As side SB-1 is a lightweight bow so you can expect some resonances upon the shot, though it does not have any kind of influence on its precision. This may concern some seekers specifically the ones that intend to take large animals with longer shots.

It’s a little bit noisy also so it might create the animals to leap and also lead to bad hits however if you put your chance ats affordable distances while taking moral shots of unaware animals, you can hunt securely.

Making Change.

I believe this is why the SB-1 really beams as it’s highly flexible in both attract weights and draw sizes. Fifty percent inch increments are offered for the draw lengths which are marked on the camera components clearly. Changing its components is so very easy that I readjusted its draw length from 15′– 30″ within seconds making use of an Allen wrench.

I assume this feature will primarily attract young and also expanding archers. Regarding draw size is concerned, it fitted me well and I believe it will fit 99% of the archers also.

The draw size on this bow is adjustable from 7-70 extra pounds which once again is a terrific function not only for expanding archers but every experienced archer like me would certainly value it that wants to decrease the weight in the offseason while shooting for enjoyment.

I observed that on the Edge SB-1 readjusting draw weight is much easier than changing its draw size, as you have to transform only 1 screw instead of 3. For boosting the draw weight, I turned the limb bolts in while for decreasing the draw weight, I merely transform them out.

With the freshly presented EZ readjust pocket system the arm or legs are readjusted evenly at the top as well as bottom, so this special attribute on Diamond Side SB-1 has made its adjustability outstanding.

Is it Suitable for Searching?

Right out of the bow I observed that the binary web cams on this bow offer incomparable accuracy so I had the ability to get on the target rapidly and also properly. The cameras offered a smooth draw and also with 80% let-off, I was holding only a few pounds of its peak weight.

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