Web Series Like Permanent Roommates and Baked

‘Permanent Roommates’ is an Indian web series that was released in late 2014 and quickly won the hearts of its audience. The show follows a long-distance relationship between a couple named Mikesh and Tanya. It has become one of the most watched long-form web series in the world. The show is so popular that a second season has been made. It is definitely worth watching.

While the web series isn’t as deep as Pitchers or Big Bang Theory, it is a wholesome take on relationships. It’s funny, sweet, and empathetic, and many viewers have already bonded with its main characters. The show also has episodes on topics like contraception and the rights of women. While the main characters are unlikely to have permanent roommates, they are still good friends. It’s not every day that you see a web series about marriage and divorce.

While the content of these web series might not be particularly compelling, it’s still a fun way to engage viewers in an interesting conversation about a topic that matters to them. A web series like Permanent Roommates is the perfect way to accomplish this. In less than two hours, the series has already captured over one hundred million views on YouTube. This is a major feat for any web series, and one that shouldn’t be missed.

While long format web-series haven’t been explored much in the Indian digital space, TVF has proven to be an innovator in this area. This is the first web series to explore this territory well in India. In fact, the company claims that it has the most popular AFP in the world. If this proves to be true, then the future looks bright for the Indian web series industry. And we can only hope that the trend will continue to spread.

In addition to ‘Permanent Roommates’, there is another web series that’s become wildly popular in India: Baked. This series follows three university flatmates as they embark on a midnight food delivery service. Creating the series was an impressive feat for TVF, and it is already in its second season. The makers of Baked tapped personal experiences to create an authentic campus experience. The series is now available on YouTube.

The popularity of TVF inspired digital media houses to come up with their own versions of the web series. Unfortunately, many of these series were copies of each other and had little plot to speak of. But as TVF continues to grow, this is a trend that seems set to continue. With more popular series than ever on the web, it’s easy to see why TVF has been so successful in the digital space. And don’t forget that the TVF Originals team is excited to continue the trend.

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Web Series Like Permanent Roommates and Baked
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