Difference Between Right-Handed and Left-Handed Bow

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The majority of vendors on the market are do not understand about the bow which they offer. Have you ever before heard of a right-handed or left-handed bow? Did you ever know they both exist? Must be questioning what they look like and what is the difference in between both?

Nearly 10% of the earth’s populace is left-handed whereas 18% of the right-handed individuals have a left eye dominant. Because 1950 dual shelf bows are made by many producers but the left-handed archers were totally overlooked by the suppliers who made only right-handed models.

A few of these suppliers needed a special order for left-handed bows while others charged additional for the left-handed version.
However today bows are manufactured for both right-handed people and also left-handed people in different ways although various other equipment made use of with the bows can be utilized for both.

Still, the suppliers provide a larger range to right-handed individuals than the left-handed ones as a result of most of right-handed individuals on the planet. Substance bows these days are no question fairly an investment so undoubtedly, every archer wishes to buy the one which would go perfect for him.

  • General perception
  • Difference in between a left-handed as well as right-handed bow
  • Determining either You need a Right-handed or Left-handed Bow

    • Correct Handedness
    • Eye Supremacy
  • Porta Test
  • Cross Leading
  • Ambi-Ocular
  • Ambidextrous
  • Video
  • Bow Choice based upon Leading Eye
  • Bow Selection based on Dominant Hand
    • Is it possible to fire a left-handed bow with your right hand?
    • Figuring out the left or right-handedness of a bow
  • Conclusion

General perception

Typically, draw hand determines the bow direction. Well a basic perception is that you are a right-handed hunter/archer if you draw the string of the bow with your right-hand man as well as hold the bow itself in the left hand whereas you are a left-handed hunter/archer if you pull the string of your bow with your left hand as well as hold the bow itself in your right-hand man.

This alignment of the bow is chosen based on the hand which draws the bow as well as not the one which grips/hold it. Yet points aren’t that basic right here as they seem to be as you can quickly misconstrue them.

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Distinction between a left-handed as well as right-handed bow

Here in this post, we will quickly damage down the difference in between right-handed as well as left-handed shooters as it might seem perplexing to a lot of you.

Grasp the bow with your left hand and also draw the bowstring in reverse with your right hand if you are a right-handed individual yet wait! Is your grip comfortable? If no, change it to your other hand and also inspect now?

Establishing either You need a Right-handed or Left-handed Bow

Currently let’s find out exactly how to establish you need a left-handed or right-handed bow. This is an usual concern bumping in many minds when you go to purchase a bow.

Well, there are 2 points you need to find out about yourself below. The initial point you need to determine is to know your leading eye as well as the next point you need to recognize is your handedness.

Correct Handedness

Every person generally knows either he is right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous. Your leading hand is usually the one with which you eat, create, comb your teeth, hold a favorite, and so on.

Some people can easily do whatever with both their hands, such people are called ambidextrous.

Eye Dominance

Archery equipment being in straight relationship to the dominant eye must be selected. Though the function of eye supremacy is taken for given by people in day-to-day life, still you need it when you get associated with any shooting sporting activity. The propensity of receiving aesthetic input via your right eye or left eye is described as ocular supremacy or eye supremacy.

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Your leading eye is likewise called power eye. You need to discover your leading eye first. This eye will certainly offer you a better vision as well as if this eye correlates to your dominant hand it provides you an edge.

Virtually two-thirds of the archers are ideal eye dominant while the remaining one-third are left eye dominant. Identifying your leading eye is simple. Just assume which eye you will use instinctively if you want to look through a microscope or a telescope.

Porta Test

If you assume you are still confused, you can do a porta examination. Make green light motion and also facility your thumb on a things which is put at least 20 feet away. With your left eye closed, observe if your thumb is centered on the object in the same way or no? If indeed, you are ideal eye leading. If you feel your thumb has actually relocated, you are left-eye dominant.

So it is truly easy in such a way that if you are left-eye leading, you require a left-handed bow and also if you are ideal eye leading, you require a right-handed bow. Yet occasionally you are cross leading where your leading hand does not match your leading eye.

Cross Leading

Many individuals among us are even go across dominant, meaning their ocular dominance is on the appropriate side yet they are left-handed as well as the other way around. In such a scenario an archer can just fire well if he can line up the bow with the dominant eye and then collaborate it with the leading hand as supplying muscular tissue memory to the leading hand is much easier than transforming the line of vision.

Being cross leading you can conveniently select your handedness through age and also individual choice. Despite no prominence, the option depends upon your personal choice.


People that are left-handed as well as are partially left leading are called Ambi-ocular. Likewise, those individuals that are right-handed as well as are partially right leading are also referred to as Ambi-ocular.

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A person that has a solid ability to make use of both hands with equal comfort regularly is ambidextrous. If you are Ambi-ocular and ambidextrous, it’s your selection of which one is your leading side.


Bow Choice based upon Leading Eye

Right Dominant Eye

Many archers are comfortable to fire with one eye closed but they are less likely and secure while keeping their balance. It is encouraged to fire with both eyes available to obtain light and peripheral input continually. This way, you can account for higher parallax.

It is suggested to select a bow based upon the dominant eye as opposed to leading hand due to the fact that you can quickly readjust your muscular tissues and also handedness with some method but if you neglect your eye dominance, you will end up missing your shots.

If you want to choose your bow based on your dominant eye, remember that the substances which are left-handed are designed based on dominant eye instead of leading hand.

Bow Option based on Dominant Hand

Right Leading Hand

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If you select a bow based upon your leading hand, the straight factor of aim requires to be readjusted for comprising the difference. You require to aim either to the right or left instead of aiming directly ahead. Therefore experimenting non-dominant hand is less complicated as well as better, to eliminate the little changes repeatedly.

Age aspect matters a whole lot right here. If you are young, you can quickly find out using your non-dominant hand for firing a substance bow. Decision and technique will certainly make it much easier for you to maintain your leading eye focused on the target every single time.

Is it possible to fire a left-handed bow with your right hand?

Well yes, you can even do it properly. The only trouble which may develop will certainly be that your arrow rest will be on the opposite side which may impact your purpose. With a little time and decision, you can also switch over from left hand to right hand.

Even the young people with cross supremacy can easily switch their handedness side to their dominant eye. Yet as adults are much more immune to alter, it will take them longer to settle.

Determining the left or right-handedness of a bow

To learn if a bow is left or right-handed, just examine the area of the manage above the bow’s grip where the arrowhead rest lies. For a right-handed bow, the arrow remainder gets on its left side whereas, for a left-handed bow, the arrowhead remainder is on the best side.

On a substance bow, also the riser itself is a hint which assists you determine either it’s a right-handed or left-handed bow as it has a specific shape which should be held in a certain method.

For a right-handed bow, the sights are placed at the left side of the bow and also the other way around.


Now you need to have understood the entire principle of handedness as well as dominant aye. As soon as you establish your dominant eye and dominant hand, after that you can easily figure out which dominance type you have.

If you are cross dominant, you have to attempt both right-handed as well as left-handed bows prior to taking your decision as you might be stunned by favoring one over the various other.

However Remember: Always choose the bow which really feels comfortable and easily strikes the target.

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